Project Experience

As a training company, the main focus is on providing quality education which incorporate practical experience. To structure all the courses our trainers, who are experts in their respective fields, have worked side by side on some of the biggest and most complex projects in UK and around the world and have played great importance to the practical aspect of education. Therefore, each course curriculum is a well balanced mix of classroom study and hands on experience on projects.

What is Project Experience?

It involves working on one of our projects which has been implemented by our consultants at some of our major client locations. This would be an eight-week assignment in which you would be implementing the project remotely to understand the real time difficulties you might be facing in a real world scenario. This one of its kind work experience as it helps you gain hands on experience on every course you have been taught. This excellent opportunity not only enables candidates to put theory in to practice in a work setting, but also provides them with the invaluable on the job experience and a genuine reference which they require to get noticed by employers and therefore to kick start their career or to take it to the next level.


  • Working on an actual project that has been implemented in real time
  • Using real documentation for configuration i.e. clients actual BRDS
  • Early responsibility
  • Designated tasks
  • 24/7 System access


Program Outline

The Project Experience program is designed to add to practical knowledge to the theory you have been trained. (functional and technical)

The experience will involve the following:

Implementing the project by applying concepts earlier learnt
Managing own workload.
Understanding the difficulties in a real time scenario.



 This opportunity is only provided to candidates are required to have completed their training course with Jenrac.


Certification in the respective area would be beneficial.

Training method:

Remotely Accessible

Job Prospects in the UK and abroad

Based on the current market scenario and big sized businesses have become ever more efficient in every aspect and the growth of job opportunities is inevitable. SAP is the world’s largest ERP software brand, supporting various industries worldwide. More and more organisations continue to use these technologies and courses globally. Therefore, there is a huge demand for our courses all across the globe to help enterprises implement SAP and other technologies and to work on on-going support projects to work either on a self-employed basis or with training provider as a trainer training prospective consultants and end users. This gives an opportunity to individuals with functional or technical expertise in the field to fill this demand and supply gap in the workforce. These technologies are one of the smoothest ways of transition into the highly paid IT industry for people with non IT backgrounds. Opportunities are available in various industries and especially with companies in the technology sector such as IBM, Accenture and CTS. Opportunities are also available with professional services firms such as Price Waterhouse Coopers and Deloitte and organisations such as GSK, Roche and Pfizer in the pharmaceutical industry.

Expected Salary/ Pay Package:

Contractors can expect to earn between £300 and £500 per day depending on the experience. Permanent roles on average offer a salary of between £30 and £60k per annum, again depending on the experience required for the job. Permanent Lead roles requiring substantial experience can offer around the £100k per annum mark.


Although there is no guarantee of a job on course completion, we are almost certain that you should be able to find a suitable position within a few weeks after successful completion of the course. As a part of Placement service, we offer CV reviewing in which your CV would be reviewed by our experts and essential modifications to be made would be recommended so that your CV suits perfectly to the kind of training you have taken.