SAP and IBM join forces for the next generation of cloud computing.

The two tech giants have announced their collaboration to revolutionise cloud computing, with IBM becoming SAP’s “premier strategic provider of cloud services”. This has come about as the increased demand and need for SAP HANA and Business Suite within many industries today.

So what does this mean for you?

The new enterprise will allow companies of all sizes who currently utilise SAP and IBM software to take advantage of SAP HANA on an IBM cloud. This will allow companies to support SAP HANA through an outsourced data centre, which can reduce costs and increase productivity.

With recent developments and criticism of security and privacy with cloud databases, both IBM and SAP have reassured clients and customers that the safety and privacy of their data is of paramount importance to them and have noted the importance of complete visible and controlled cloud system.

Let us know your thoughts of the collaboration and how you feel it can benefit your organisation.