From SAP Ventures to Sapphire Ventures

Formerly known as SAP Ventures, the firm has now changed its name to Sapphire Ventures to stress its independence as a firm and to remould its branding. The CEO and Managing Director of Sapphire Ventures expressed the decision by stating “Becoming Sapphire Ventures is an expression of how far our firm has come and where we are going.” By no means does this represent the firms distancing or disengagement with the SAP brand, instead Sapphire Ventures are simply in need of a rebrand to attract the right client base instead of being considered a strategic investor.

The up and running, redesigned website states “SAP Ventures has become Sapphire Ventures, a move forward that reinforces our independence and the expansion of out capabilities to support our portfolio” and emphasises the service that the company offer start up companies including capital, resources and knowledge.

Keep your eyes peeled for announcements and news from the first CEO Summit held by the newly named Sapphire Ventures, where a range of executives from different companies gather to network and discuss opportunities.  You can read more about the aim of the CEO Summit 2014 and how to get involved at .