SAP India – Goods and Service Tax (GST)

SAP India customers and partners have received the welcomed assurance from the company with regard to Goods and Service Tax (GST). The plan laid out by SAP ensures a high level of transparency and management functionalities for Indian companies. The recent changes to tax legislations in India mean SAP India are under demand to keep up with the evolving amendments.  So what changes can you expect? SAP  aim to provide a common infrastructure and services for companies which will include controlled document and file management. Bridging the gap between tax payers and tax administrators to ensure a smooth transition Cr...

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SAP apps for smart glasses


Imagine a hands free world where you could control and optimise your workplace with the blink of an eye. Well that’s exactly what Vuzix are aiming to do with their Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses, and they are teaming up with SAP SE who will be designing the mobile applications to compliment the invention. The two specific applications SAP have developed for the glasses are: SAP AR Warehouse: As the name suggests, it focuses on aiding the work of Vuzix’s warehouse workers. The app provides workers with the ability to scan and process bar codes for units which will make determining locations of products a lot easier. SAP ha...

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Data Warehouse Training


What is it? In layman’s terms, data warehousing is the capture of data from diverse and multiple sources for analysis and access uses. Generally, data warehousing does not start from the point-of-view of the end user; who may need access to specialized and sometimes local databases. Why do it? Poor planning and management of data warehouse projects can lead to failed implementations and dissatisfied stakeholders, never a good situation to be in as a 21st century business. A successful data warehousing project involves precise planning and analysis to implement a data store as a basis for the business decision-makin...

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SAP Singapore


SAP have announced plans to develop and open a new innovation centre in the city state of Singapore by the end of the year. This marks the 25th year of SAP offices in Asia Pacific, with current centres located in Indonesia, India, Thailand and Malaysia. A pivotal aim of the centre is to encourage an innovation drive as well as allow access for students to take part in the SAP University Alliances Student Entrepreneurship Programme where they can get hands on experience with SAP software and technology and learn from experts who also become their mentors. This will push an increase in employability and enable students to deve...

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